The Pink Wall

15. Mai 2015

After the RED, GREEN, BROWN, LILAC, GREY and BLUE WALL now it´s time for the PINK WALLby Slider & Caparso!

Check out the Photos of the Pink Production and the other Scales Projects on MOLOTOW.COM!


25. November 2014

SLIDER and CAPARSO invited KOOL SAVAS to paint the MOLOTOW Train at our headquarters with a great MÄRTYRER scenario, KOOL SAVAS did the Letter elements on the train.


17. Juni 2014

The graffiti artists CAPARSO and SLIDER from Dresden (Bandits Crew) painting the MOLOTOW™ Train with a well illustrated CATWOMAN themed artwork. This setup will be part of SLIDER´s next GRAFF ON GIRLS Calendar 2015. The model was painted inside the MOLOTOW™ Train while both graffiti artist piecing on the train. The shooting was finished straight after the piece. In the end of the video you can get an exclusive inside into the immense work behind the scenes of the calendars Making Of.